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You’ll enjoy a warm welcome at Mill Creek Tavern in Comstock Park anytime you join us, whether it’s for lunch or dinner. Our comfortable and inviting atmosphere will make you feel right at home, as will our friendly and attentive staff, bartenders, and servers. We believe in old fashioned courtesy as well as serving delicious down home cooking and mouthwatering meals bursting with traditional homemade flavor. We’ve got everybody’s favorite appetizers, delightful soups and salads, satisfying handhelds and sandwiches, an array of classic and creative burgers, and hearty entrées for every appetite. Plus, a Kids Menu with all their favorites! You’re always welcome at Mill Creek Tavern.

To Start


deep fried fungi

Deep Fried Fungi

1lb of fresh battered mushrooms, bistro sauce.

1lb Onion Rings

1lb of fresh battered onion rings, bistro sauce.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 27


Traditional bone-in wings tossed in any of our wing sauces. Sauces: buffalo, Carolina tangy BBQ, smokehouse BBQ, garlic parmesan, gochujang, sweet chili, honey sriracha.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 21

Scott’s Tots

House-made tots, bacon, cheddar, green onion, ranch.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 24

Pickle Fries

Hand dredged pickles, ranch.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 8

Chips N’ Dip

House-made onion dip, lattice chips.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 15

Queso Nachos

Ground beef, queso, romaine, tomato, onion, fire roasted salsa, avocado creme fraiche.

Chips & Salsa

$5 Add Queso $5 Add Bean Dip $4
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 31

Boneless Bites

House-made and tossed in any of our wing sauces. Sauces: buffalo, Carolina tangy BBQ, smokehouse BBQ, garlic parmesan, gochujang, sweet chili, honey sriracha.

Soup & Salad

Soup of the day

Cup $3 Bowl $5
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 42 1

Side Salad

Romaine, iceberg, tomato, cucumber, red onion, cheddar cheese.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 38

Side Caesar Salad

Romaine, croutons, parmesan cheese.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 47

Wedge Salad

Iceberg lettuce, bacon, red onion, blue cheese crumbles, tomato, ranch dressing, balsamic drizzle.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 34

Chicken Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken, romaine, croutons, parmesan cheese.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 42

Chef Salad

Romaine and iceberg lettuce, ham, turkey, bacon, cucumber, tomato, onion, cheddar, egg, croutons.

Lunch Special

Cup of Soup and 1/2 Sandwich $12

MCT Club

Ham, turkey, bacon, ranch cream cheese spread, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, on toasted sourdough.

Your Choice Soup of the Day

Bacon Grilled Cheese

Bacon, tomato, white American cheese, on toasted sourdough.

MCT House Chicken Salad

Chicken, celery, onion, dried cherries, lettuce, tomato, sesame oil, on whole grain.

Ham and Swiss

Ham, Swiss, whole grain mustard, ranch cream cheese spread, lettuce, tomato, onion, on whole grain.

Cali Club

Turkey, bacon, avocado, whole grain mustard, ranch cream cheese spread, lettuce, tomato, onion, on whole grain.


Comes with lattice chips. Upgrade to seasoned fries for $2.

Deli Sandwiches

Choice of Cali club, ham and Swiss, or chicken salad.

Grilled Chicken Skewer Pita

6oz marinated grilled chicken tenderloin skewer, grilled pita, tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 81

Pot Roast Hoagie

Slow roasted pot roast topped with melted provolone, hoagie roll, with au jus.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 83


Shaved ribeye, cheese wiz, grilled onions, hoagie bun. That's it!
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 87

Steak & Onion Sandwich

Shaved ribeye, grilled onions, provolone, hoagie bun.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 75

Chicken Caesar Wrap

House brined grilled chicken, tomato, romaine, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 80

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Fried chicken tenders, romaine, tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese, bleu cheese crumbles, buffalo, ranch sauce.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 61

Bacon Grilled Cheese

White American cheese, sliced tomato, double smoked bacon, grilled sourdough.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 54

Mill Creek Club

Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, green onion, ranch cream cheese spread, honey mustard, grilled sourdough.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 69

Turkey Reuben

Smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, 1000 island, marbled rye.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 72


House roasted corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, 1000 island, marbled rye. 2023 EatGR People’s Choice.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 66

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Buttermilk hand dredged crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, brioche bun. Sub grilled chicken.


(All burgers are cooked medium to medium-well unless otherwise specified)

Comes with lattice chips. Upgrade to seasoned fries for 2. Sub a black bean roasted garlic patty for 2.

Black Bean & Roasted Garlic Burger

House made black bean roasted garlic patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, 1000 island, brioche bun.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 104

Meat N’ Cheese

1lb of meat! 2 burgh-er patties, white and yellow American cheese, 2 slices of double smoked bacon.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 117

Bacon Jam

Steak sauce infused burger, white American, cheddar cheese, house-made award winning bacon jam.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 107

Hot Bacon Bleu

Frank's hot sauce infused patty, bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, lettuce, tomato.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 114

MCT Mushroom Bacon Swiss

Steak sauce infused burger, mushrooms, Swiss.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 94

Patty Mac

White and yellow American cheese, lettuce, pickle, caramelized onions, 1000 island.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 96

Jalapeño Popper

Pepper jack cheese, cream cheese, green onion, jalapeños, haystack onions.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 91

Olive Burger

Award winning olive aioli (2023 EatGR People’s Choice), green olives, American cheese, lettuce, tomato.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 100

The Burgh

Your classic burger. Served with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion.
Add Cheese + $1
Add Bacon + $2.


top sirloin (1)

Top Sirloin

10oz hand cut Michigan Craft top sirloin, baked potato, butter, sour cream.
NY strip

NY Strip

14oz hand cut Michigan Craft NY strip, baked potato, asparagus.


Grilled beef or chicken tenderloin skewers, wild rice, cilantro lime rice blend, roasted root veg, choice of dipping sauce.
Smoked pork Chop

Smoked Porkchop

10oz bone-in smoked chop, Michigan apple chutney, sweet potato mash, asparagus. 2023 EatGR Best in Show.
firecracker Salmon

Firecracker Salmon

6oz marinated Atlantic salmon, grilled and glazed with house-made JD Firecracker sauce, cilantro lime rice blend, grilled asparagus.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 110

Chicken Tenders

House-brined buttermilk dredged chicken tenders, seasoned fries, choice of dipping sauce.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 121 1

Beef Wet Burrito

Seasoned ground beef, refried beans, enchilada sauce, queso and cotija cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, chips, fire roasted salsa.
MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 102

Perch Dinner

Hand breaded perch, seasoned fries, coleslaw, tartar.

Kids Menu

$6.99 Includes soda or chocolate milk | 12 & under

Mac & Cheese

Chips & Queso

Burgh & Fries

Grilled Cheese & Fries

MillCREEKTAVERN28 75mm 63

2 Tenders & Fries